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Benefits of Panasonic PBX Systems

Benefits of Panasonic PBX Systems

Even with the wide adoption of social media as a choice method to communicate with clients, businesses still require a customer support centre. Through such a centre, it is possible to effectively and directly connect with clients. One thing you should realize is that today’s customers like it when they get good service.

However, it is not possible to remain competitive with outdated telephone exchange systems. That’s why modern businesses are widely adopting IP PBX systems for their communication needs. With a PBX system, you can easily enjoy the benefits of the existing phone system together with Internet Protocol (IP) phones.

If you haven’t thought of buying a Panasonic PBX system, time is now that you did. There is no better way to take care of the communication needs of small businesses. With just one system, it is possible for large companies to integrate several devices. The benefits of a Panasonic PBX system can better be realized by integrating it with your company’s CRM or customer relationship management.

The Following are some of the Biggest Benefits of Panasonic PBX Systems

1. Easy To Manage

With their dependence on software, IP PBX systems can be managed through a computer in the office. To boost and configure the system, all you need is basic networking knowledge. No need to sift through all sorts of hardware trying to find the source of a problem.

2. Little or No Wiring

There was a time when telephone exchanges relied on wires to connect to different phone lines. Not so for Panasonic PBX systems. Since the system operates off the computer network, the wiring needed is very minimal.

3. Saving You Money

Did you know that Panasonic PBX systems are extremely affordable? With all the modern features of these systems, you will incur fewer communication costs. If anything, IP-based telephone systems rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which is very cost-effective. When it comes to the cost of international or long-distance calls, these systems are very affordable.

4. Easy To Integrate

For most businesses, integrating their phone and CRM systems is a necessity. The good news is that Panasonic PBX systems work with the top CRM software, including NetSuite, HubSpot, Salesforce IQ, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. You don’t have to be an expert in networking. Integrating a Panasonic PBX systems with FinancialForce and other CRM systems is a breeze.

5. Reduced Call Time and Overheads

The best call centres are created to reduce inefficiency in the overall service to the clients. The main effect of an inefficient phone system is the reduction in customer satisfaction levels. Some of the major problems include long conversations and extended wait times. With Panasonic PBX systems, it is possible to reduce call times, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

6. Flexibility

One thing about traditional PBX systems is that you have to expand the hardware to add more telephone lines. However, Panasonic PBX systems are IP-based. They, therefore, provide for an easy way to upgrade. It really does not matter the number of phone lines you wish to add. The versatile nature of these phone systems makes it easier for you. Also, moving workstations and offices is simpler and requires no patching.

7. Caller Identification

With traditional PBX systems, customer support staff have to rely on the caller identifying himself or herself. That’s an aspect you will not have to worry about when you install a Panasonic PBX system. By looking at the digital screen, it is easier to know who is calling. Therefore, customer care staff can even identify clients with their names. Besides, it is possible to access all details of the caller. It reduces redundant questions and saves time by shortening the calls.

Every time a call comes through, a pop-up window will display all the details about the customer. This removes the need for the customer to search for information. With this feature, the conversations are more personal. Besides, the customer will be more satisfied with the service he or she gets.

8. Automated Call Logging

With a Panasonic PBX system, it is possible to free customer support employees from having to undertake rigorous data entry. Instead, the employees concentrate their efforts on serving the customers. If anything, it is no longer necessary to manually log in details of all calls made to the company. The system not only reduces employee workload but also keeps call information more permanently. With a more streamlined data recording, it is possible to provide personalized customer experience.

9. Faster Calls

One thing you will like about a Panasonic PBX system is that it stores contacts in a centralized place, making it easier to access them. Since the contacts are a click away, there is no need to dial the entire number. All customer data and contact details are available at the click of a mouse. It is, therefore, possible for the agents at the contact centre to streamline work processes. If anything, they will make calls faster.

10. Improved Call Handling

Among the biggest benefits of Panasonic PBX systems is that they make caller identification extremely easy. Since the agents are able to see all the customer details at a glance, they can easily route the calls to the right agents. Apart from reducing call times, this helps to resolve queries from customers more efficiently and quickly. In the end, customer satisfaction levels will greatly be improved.

11. Better Data Analytics

Ever thought of having a system that allows you to track key call information? Panasonic PBX systems will provide you with crucial data, including call frequency and duration. It is also possible to measure efficiency through automatically generated reports. Users of the system will find it easier to gain insights from the data thanks to real-time analytics. This makes it possible to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the customer support function.


Panasonic PBX systems are beneficial in more than just one way. They are more affordable and highly versatile. Whether you use them in your home office or business, the system has lots of unique features. Don’t waste your time on anything else. Only buy one of these systems.

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