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Automated Burglar alarms systems

Automated Burglar alarms systems

Automated Burglar alarms systems ,Alarms are efficient way to have a back up Security  for your home and office. Tired of theft or worry, read through and discover a plan b and stop worrying

Automatic and manual burglar alarms are one of the simplest and effective security measures to help you Secure and monitor your offices, businesses, and homes. With a combination of motion sensors, windows and door sensors, Siren horns, Notifications, Heat sensors. You can achieve the desired budget-friendly security solution

Alarm systems Kenya

Home  and office alarm solutions. Activate and arm alarms whenever you are away.. or sleep. Saves a Bunch|

Basic concepts on how burglar alarm work: automated, Manual; Explained by Anthony Mwangi of Hubtech Limited 

Alarms are usually electric circuits, powered by electricity or separate battery, they work by opening, closing or changing a circuit, once the alarms are set, they detect motion, intrusion, door opening and trigger  a circuit that responds by sounding and siren alarm, sending a notification.

A decent automatic or manual alarm should have a control box. The control box is hooked up to one or more alarm circuits it is powered separately. It main work is to monitor the behavior of the circuit. Once a circuit is changed due to intrusion or interference the alarm will continue sending notifications or ringing bells till a security code is entered  to diable the triggerd  unit of the security alarm–Check out Hub- Tech  Security solutions  and services

Types of burglar security systems and solutions

Classical alarms systems, installed and maintained by security companies. They are contract based and responsible for responding to any disturbances. For some companies, you will need to pay for one-time Installations and separate maintenance contract fee costs.

Do it yourself automated alarm system is suitable for small homes, Homeowners install, Heat, vibration, motion sensors that trigger a siren horn, SMS alert to enable you to know the exact moment of intrusion.  Most security firms will sign up with you a contract, where they bill you for the times they respond to your alarms disturbances

What are the different types of alarm?

There are many different ways that alarms systems can be designed and implemented. But, they all follow two main underlying ideas. The two broad choices include bells-only monitored alarms and a speech dialer

Bells-only alarms, Once a bell only alarm is triggered it will perform a certain set of actions.  Turn on security lights, Sound sirens, they alert neighbors and owners, they do no trigger any response or remote activity such as police or security form response or send a notification message to a remote owner “A bells-only alarm may are effective in deterring intruders and alerting you and your neighborhood” says Hubtech Limited a security solutions based in Nairobi Kenya. Hubtech Limited Estimates such alarms will range between 30 thousand to 70 thousand,

Automated and monitored alarm, they are GSM or internet enabled, hence can be monitored remotely. They receive all the triggers from the alarm systems, such are effective when integrated with CCTV Solutions enabling remote inspection of the facility whenever there is a disturbance.  When alarm sensors are triggered and signals are sent to the contracted security firm center.

The firm then carries a security check by phoning your home or remotely accessing a CCTV feed to check everything is OK. Security is then dispatched to your premises to append the culprit. Most of the time these alarms don’t have sirens or bells.

Theyhey are a cheaper alternative to a monitored system. They can be connected to alarms panel or come as all in one GSM ALARMS with sensors and this is a device that can be connected to an alarm or may already be built into the control panel.

If there is a break-in, the speech dialer automatically calls the phone numbers that have been programmed in and leaves a pre-recorded message or send a pre-programmed text message as mentioned earlier all monitored alarm will incur monthly or annual service charges as per security firm

All the essential Components of Burglar Alarm Systems

Alarms systems can either be hard wired or wireless. The main three components and parts of alarms systems are;

The central control panel is monitors the whole alarm circuitry, once a trigger is made from the alarms detection devices, , a preprogrammed response is initiated. Security lights are triggered, Sirens, bell or a dialer to the security company to notify them of the intrusion.

Detection devices, Motion Sensors, Electric Door contacts, Strike Locks, Vibration Sensors etc…  When armed, they sense any disturbance to their guard function. They trigger an action from the main control panel

Response Device, Sirens, security lights are response devices Alarm or siren sound when a detection device triggers the alarm. (This is not necessary with a monitoring service.)

Burglar Alarm Sensor Types

Area Perimeter motion and heat  sensors, magnetic contacts door locks and mechanical switches are best options for installation on walls, doors windows and open areas around your house on doors, windows or other outside openings. When the door or window is opened, the sensors detect the disturbance and activate the alarm.

Glass-break sensors monitor windows and activate the alarm by sensing the sound or vibration of broken glass.

Interior motion sensors are used to sense the entry of an intruder using a variety of different operations.

Passive infrared sensors detect when a heat source crosses a protected boundary in the home.

Photoelectric motion sensors signal the alarm when and the infrared light beam is broken.

Microwave sensors create an electronic field in the protected area, which notes movement and sets off the alarm.

Audio detectors use microphones programmed to set off the alarm at a certain amount of noise in a specified period of time.

How to Choose a Burglar Alarm Monitoring System or Company

Finding the right system and monitoring service to secure and protect your home against intrusion and burglary requires research and planning, but the peace of mind that results is more than worth it.

Research at least 3-4 home alarm companies to ensure they are reputable.

Consult with each company to determine what’s right for your family and how they can meet your needs.

  • Choose a system that’s easy to use for every family member.
  • Make sure the system is visible to deter intruders.

Special Review of a cost-effective and budget-friendly  SecoLink PAS8XX series panels

SecoLink PAS8XX  is a budget-friendly easy to use small businesses and property protection alarm system. Currently, these models are manufactured:

  • PAS808M controls up to 8 intrusion sensors
  • PAS816 that control 16 intrusion detection sensors
  • PAS832 that control 32 intrusion detection sensors

All models can protect up to 4 partitions and, depending on the model of the panel, panels can be controlled by 5 or 31 users.

Mounting and use; LCD Keypads and Communication.

The secolink alarm system has a wall mount wall-mounted LCD keypad, or GSM terminal that has a GSV6 module.  The most common LCD Keypads are the KM20 and KM24 series are produced with LCD display and 20 or 24 keys on the keyboard. The panels indicate the state of the alarms systems and enabled user to disable the alarms and allow a user interface to make changes

The secolink alarm systems reports and state can be monitored remotely via GSM Network or internet. SecoLink GSM communicators are able to interact with smart-phone applications these enables user to monitor, home or offices and have comfort

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