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Business Access control solutions

Business Access control solutions

business Access control solutions ,Types of Access control systems

Access control describes any technique used to control passage into or out of an area more like traditional simple key and lock that only grants access to persons with key only.

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More than access control depending on your unique needs t, access control can be more than just is much more than just allowing people to access your building, access control also helps you effectively protect your valuables by restricting entry to both physical and digital locations. There are a number of access control systems you have to choose from to use in your residence or business facility – Read articles along or check resources in links below.

Over time, access control systems have evolved and become more sophisticated. Today, “access control systems”  are electronic systems; hardware and software that perform authentication and verifications before granting entry onto systems, doors, restricted areas and much more. Depending on what organizations need to achieve, access control systems can be designed and implemented using the three main variations;

Discretionary Access Control systems (DAC) – In such a design, access to given places is granted by the access control systems administrator. User Authentication and verification can be done in less restricted way or a more complicated way. Access using passwords and cards is less restrictive since they can be shared. When biometric access control measure are introduced, the access control systems becomes more secure since fingers can’t be shared. Biometric options include; Fingerprint Identification, Vein scanner, face scanner and Iris eye scanner.

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Mandatory Access Control systems (MAC) – The Most common use of these design is in time attendance and workforce control and monitoring. Identification IDS ;( Fingerprint ID, Vein ID, face ID, and Iris eye scanner.) are loaded to the system, The users are assigned different roles and access rights to different physical locations,  all user interaction data with the system is captured and stored in the system. These can be later used to see the performance, attendances and much more hence Simplifying employee time tracking and workforce management

Role Based Access Control systems (RBAC).

Most common in business organizations such as banks, military organization, police and much more. Access to physical places or digital records is usually role based. Most of these systems are more of custom designed computer programs that are integrated to work with electronic equipment and offer identification and authentication. Different cards can be used in one system to open different security levels and much more.

Efficient and low-cost Access control solutions:  Basic ideas in the Access Control System.

Access control can be used anywhere and vary widely type and complexity and capability of the application. However, most access control systems in Kenya market consist of at least the following competes

Access Cards

Usually, the size of a credit card used to Authenticate and open electric door locks secured using the access control systems

Card Readers, & Fingerprint readers

Access control terminal that reads the access card. Card readers Vary depending on the technology used, Magnetic Stripe Cards must be swiped in the Terminal/reader, and other cards include “proximity Mifi” type user need to be close the access control terminal. Biometric identity readers can also be used, they are usually placed on the exterior of the secured building/ room


Access Control Keypads

Access control keypads card readers. The access control keypad usually has numeric keys, are used as an alternative where cards are lost or back up for finger ID. They can be used by admins to override and offer access to a person who does not have access rights.

Electric Lock Hardware/ Magnetic door locks

Electric/ Magnetic door lock hardware is used to electrically lock and unlock doors that are controlled by the access control system. Electric locks vary electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, electric exit devices, and many others. The specific type and implementation arrangement of hardware on each door are determined based on the construction conditions at the door.

Access Control terminals or servers

The access control server terminals run all the operations of the setup. It also serves as the whole set up a central database and file manager for the access control set up. It is and is responsible for recording system activity, and distributing information to and from the access control field panels.

Normally, a single access control server computer can be used to control a large number of access control terminals controlled doors.

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