Benefits of Wireless Routers
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Benefits of Wireless Routers

We can all agree that technology is a privilege bestowed upon us. We are fortunate to have a fast internet connection as a primary requirement. Almost everything we do is affected by technology in one way or another.

The internet is one of the fruits of technology. Without the internet, life is unimaginable. Nowadays, the demand for the internet is increasing tremendously. Therefore, for the day-to-day operations to run smoothly, we need a reliable internet connection. With that said, we need internet routers.

What is a Router?

A router is a device that communicates between the internet and the devices available and connects them to the internet. In other words, it directs the traffic between the devices and the internet.

What is the Difference Between a Wired and a Wireless Router?

  • Wired Router – Connects directly to the PC or other device through wired connections. It has a port that connects to the modem—thereby communicating with the internet.
  • Wireless Router  – Connects directly to the modem by a cable. This router receives and transmits information to the internet. It then generates and communicates with the Wi-Fi network using the fitted antennas. Consequently, all the devices available gets access to the internet.

In that respect, for you to enjoy smooth internet whenever and wherever you are in the house. It would help if you had a wireless internet router.

Take a look at the benefits of wireless internet routers;

  1. Reliable Wi-Fi Signals Delivery

Most modern-day Wi-Fi routers have either dual or tri-band abilities. You can either go for a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz range. While a 2.4GHz range offers a long-range, it provides a lower bandwidth. On the other hand, 5GHz is an exceptionally short-range but delivers immense bandwidth.

All in all, you will get reliable data no matter which one you chose; it all depends on your usage.

  1. Convenient Connectivity

With a Wi-Fi router, you can be guaranteed convenient usage. You will no longer need to connect cables to the system.  A wireless router is easy to use and will save you the energy of connecting wires and switches like it is with wired ones.

Additionally, you will have a neat house or office without a bunch of cords in the way.

  1. Easy Access

Without a doubt, internet access is essential these days. After a proper wireless set-up, you can be able to use the internet anytime, anywhere. Because the internet has become a requirement in everything we do, you can now enjoy easy access wherever you are in the establishment.

A wireless router will enable you to connect to your internet without wire connections.

  1. Portable Wireless Network

Wireless routers promote portability and mobility. If your work involves moving from one place to another, you will benefit from the wireless routers. This otherwise is not possible with a wired internet connection.

A wireless router will give you effortless mobility within the area of the network without disruption.

  1. Connection to Multiple Devices

While wired connections limit the number of connections, wireless routers do not. When you use a wired connection, you will only be able to use one device at a time. Consequently, if you want to connect the internet to more than one device, you will need extra cables. This not only adds to the inconvenience but also makes the area look messy.

If you have multiple users in the house or office, then the wireless router is ultimately remedial. You will be able to connect to different devices simultaneously without having to pay extra money to your internet service provider.

Even though the internet may slow down slightly with multiple connection sharing, broadband services are designed to hold a high load without any problem.

Additionally, you can connect to multiple types of equipment with the router, each with a unique IP address.

  1. Advancing with the Latest Technology

It’s no secret that wired connection is getting obsolete. And so, we are advancing with the latest technology. Since wireless routers use radio waves to deliver internet connection, we will soon be forced to move to the wireless routers.

No one wants to be left behind with outdated technology. Moreover, the benefits of wireless routers are countless.

  1. Features a user-friendly interface

Gone are the days when wireless router menus were hard to decode and navigate. In today’s technology, settings have improved tremendously. Wireless routers are now accommodating and streamlined.

Thanks to the improved routers, you now get what you need. The major manufacturers who have worked to ensure user-friendly interface include; D-Link, ASUS, and Netgear.

  1. Connection to Smart Devices

We are in an era where smart devices have made a drastic entry. In a home set-up, you will find smart devices such as tv’s security systems, smoke detectors, lightbulbs, thermostats, and so on.

These devices usually use Wi-Fi networks to connect to smartphones, tablets, computers, speakers, and home assistants. Therefore, making your wireless routers the default networking technology.

  1. Special Features

Wireless routers are beneficial in the sense that they give you considerable control of your network in many ways. You can enable guest network feature for your visitors, set restrictions for your kids, attach HD to NAS- enabled services for file backup and sharing, among others.

These are features that you will not be able to enjoy from a wired network.

  1. Default Gateway

A wireless router’s primary function is to act as default access for the host(computer) from the LAN. For one host to contact a different host on another network, it sends the router traffic. Therefore, the wireless router uses the routing table (dynamically generated map) to find out where the data is to be forwarded to. This process is repeated over and over until data reaches the necessary destination.

Moreover, a wireless network allows for traffic restriction limiting the number of hosts one can broadcast at a particular time.

  1. Bandwidth Prioritization/ Quality of Service (QoS)

Having a wireless router will give you additional benefits. For instance, you can be able to give priority to devices and apps that need more bandwidth. With that in mind, you can allot all bandwidth when you are streaming movies or gaming.

  1. Supports VoIP and Entertainment

In this digital era, we are privileged to make and receive calls using the internet connection. This is also known as the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Internet telephony is very beneficial to your home as well as business.

Furthermore, you can also integrate other features like video sharing into the network.

  1. Increased Productivity

We all know the value of time and money in a business. Therefore, in order to increase productivity, you need to move to the wireless network. A wireless network is not only easy to install but also requires little or no maintenance.

With a wired network, you need cables and network switches, which cost money. Moreover, connection slots also limit the number of devices you can connect. Whereas, with a wireless router, you will not need to have additional cables.

Wireless routers decrease the mess in an office set-up.


Whether you are looking for a home or office internet connectivity, wireless routers will offer you many benefits. With a good wireless router, you will no longer experience lag, dropped calls, or even choppy streaming.

With newer and newer wireless routers available today, you will have no problem with connectivity.

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