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Lightning & Surge Protection – UPS, POS, AVR and Surge Protector

Lightning & Surge Protection – UPS, POS, AVR and Surge Protector

We are one of the approved distributors and retailer of Smart Power Systems in Kenya at very affordable price. Check

We have quality complete line of power quality solutions including computer-grade filters, line conditioners, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge protectors and power analyzers.

Dayari technologies maintains a full line of Smart Power Systems’ products including comprehensive power protection for POS (point of sale) systems, copiers, computers and servers, voice and data communication systems as well as other mission critical equipment.

All products carry the manufacturers Connected Equipment Protection Policy. Smart Power Systems offers a high-quality product, tried and tested over the years to be the best in its class.

All of Smart Power systems computer-grade filters, line conditioners, automatic voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, and power analyzers for point of sale (POS), copier, IT/networking, telecommunications and office markets have earned endorsements from leading industry vendors like Posiflex, Casio, Sharp, Panasonic, Mita, Bell & Howell, and Toshiba.

Smart Power Systems’ development of the Transformer Based Filter has been referred to as a break-through product in the power protection industry.

Clean power is the lifeblood of electronics, with Smart Power Systems you will be protected 100%.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply provides power for devices when power is lost or interrupted for a designated amount of time.

They also protect against undesirable power fluctuations and anomalies. With Smart Power Systems Patented TBF (Transformer Based Filter) Technology their UPS products eliminate line noise in addition to providing battery back-up.

Surge protection and automatic voltage regulation functionality in one power protection device For Higher Voltages and the ability to be Rack Mounted the SSP UPS is a Fully Featured Product.

IF you are in need quality and affordable surge protectors in Nairobi Kenya. We have quality devices our shop. Call us today and get all the help you need.


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