Electric Fencing installations and Supplies in Kenya
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Electric Fencing installations and Supplies in Kenya

Electric Fencing installations and Supplies in Kenya

Electric Fencing solutions;  installations and Supply and maintenance Services in Kenya

In present Kenya, security enhancement has become a very important part of daily existence. Electric fences are designed to create an electrical circuit when touched by a person or an animal. It comes with a component called the energizer that converts power into a brief high voltage pulse. One terminal of the power energizer releases an electrical pulse along a connected bare wire about once per second.

Electric fences have now become the most trusted first line of defense in many homes and businesses in Kenya.

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It is one of the most useful and effective visual deterrents to crime. Should anyone decide to try your electric fence, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specifications, said the owner of a large company Wine Ponder. When integrated with our intruder alarm solutions, not only does the electric fence become the most trusted first line of defense, it also becomes the first point of detection of any intruders. Sensors help ensure that the electric fence is tamper-proof by transmitting a signal to our control room as soon as any perpetrator attempts to compromise the fence. Being transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, they also eliminate any cover for thugs. Call us today we have qualified technical teal that can install any of these electric fencing solutions at a very affordable price in Kenya. Electric fencing has become very ideal for home security business security grazing or pasture management by containing animals on a selected area of pasture or crop. It also may be used to protect gardens and landscapes from animal damage thereby reducing loss and increasing profitability. ​​​​​​​​In 1938, the first electric fence was developed in New Zealand by Gallagher. Since that time, electric fencing systems have now become mainstream. Today, both permanent and portable electric fencing products are used all over the world and Kenya has not been left out in this technological security advancement. Electric fencing is mostly ideal for home security business security grazing or pasture management by containing animals on a selected area of pasture or crop. It also may be used to protect gardens and landscapes from animal damage. Permanent electric fencing is very economical and also easy to install and easy to maintain. Temporary electric fencing is an effective temporary barrier for short-term animal control and rotational grazing. Electric Fencing is.

  • Safe: Animals remember the short, sharp but safe shock and develop a respect for the fence.

  • Robbers avoid homes and areas that are installed with electric security fences because they know it will trigger an alarm response.

  • Easy to install: An electric fence takes less than half the time to build compared to traditional fence systems.

  • Durable: A non-electrified fence experiences constant wear and tear under stock pressure. Because your animals learn to avoid an electrified fence, your fence will last longer and remain in good condition.

  • Economical: Electric fences cost less than 50% of traditional non-electric fences.

The following is an explanation of how an electric fence works.

Electric current (AMPS) only flows when a circuit is completed between a positive and negative terminal. An electric fence circuit is made on a larger scale. The energizer fence terminal positive is connected to the insulated fence wires, and the energizer earth terminal negative is connected to galvanized metal stakes driven into the ground. The same circuit completion necessary before the animal gets a shock. When a thief or animal happens to be standing on the ground and touching the electrified wires there will be the completion of the circuit and the person or animal in question will receive a shock. For example, a bird sitting on the wire will not receive a shock. It is not touching the ground so the circuit is not completed.  A person wearing insulated footwear will only receive a small shock because all the current cannot pass through the insulated soles. ​​Dry, sandy or pumice soil is a poor conductor of electric current, so it is a good idea to add a ground negative wire into the fence. The animal must touch both a hot wire and ground wire to feel an effective shock. This is how to Choose the Right Energizer Fence Charger in Nairobi Kenya. Once you have decided what type of electric fence you want for your property, you will need an energizer also known as a fence charger to power it. The ​correct energizer size for your property is determined by the type of security that need to be fenced, the distance of fence to be powered and the number of wires in the fence.

There are two types of  Electric Fence energizers:

  • Mains powered (AC) – these are energizer units which are plugged into a mains power supply.
  • Battery (DC)/Solar powered these are energizer units which can be left out in your paddock and require a battery to run them.
  • Two batteries can be rotated on a regular basis or a solar panel can be an effective means of continuously charging your battery.

Steps to Good Grounding Grounding is perhaps the most neglected component of many fence systems in Kenya. We recommend three ground rods, 6’ deep and spaced 10’ apart are the minimum recommendation. Never attach copper to steel. Electrolysis can occur and result in corrosion which weakens shocking power. Use galvanized ground wire and grounding rods to avoid this problem. Consider that most energizers use galvanized or stainless-steel terminals not copper. Think of your ground system as an antenna that gathers electricity in order to deliver the shock to the intruder be it a thief an animal etc. You can buy from our shop the latest and most advanced and innovative security fencing solution. The electric fence that you will buy from us comes with a hose clamp holding a piece of copper wire to a rusty t-post that has been connected to the weakest link of many electric fence systems.

Visit our Nairobi Kenya hubtech security shop and buy all the different types of security fences and all the accessories at very affordable prices. Our technicians are very well trained to do all types of installations.

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