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How to Properly Troubleshoot and Configure ZKTeco Biometric System

How to Properly Troubleshoot and Configure ZKTeco Biometric System

The ZKTeco Biometric system is one of the best tools for monitoring the attendance of employees at the office. When they arrive at work, the employees sign-in using their fingertips. The system capture’s an individual’s fingerprint and compares it with the one already stored. Of course, before you start using the biometric systems to monitor your employee’s attendance, you would have captured their details in terms of the name, department, timetable, shift schedule, and so on. Periodically, you can download the attendance report to know just how your employees are performing.

However, the ZKTeco system may develop certain problems that you may want to troubleshoot. But just what are some of the troubleshooting issues and how do you go about resolving them?

Let’s Take  Look at Some of the Ways on How to Properly Troubleshoot and Configure ZKTeco Biometric System

ZKTeco Biometric System TechStudio

1. After personnel changes, I failed to enter the management program. What should I do?

Before installing the ZKTeco Biometric System software, you should have a PC with Office 2000 or a newer version. Importantly, you should have Microsoft Access installed. Go to the directory of the attendance software and look for a file named att2000.mdb. Double-click and go to “user info”. Double-click and find “security flags”. Look for an identifier with the value “15” and delete it.

2. I forgot the database password. What should I do?

Open the management program and click “maintenance and setting” followed by “Setting Database Password”. Here, you won’t be asked to enter the old password. All you will need to do is to set a new password.

3. Using business check-in/check-out.

Simple, leaving employees should check out on the device and check-in when they return to work.

4. I am trying to check the attendance record but I cannot access it. Why is this happening?

It could be that the data record time has expired while still in the inquiring range. To view the original record, open att2000.mdb, which is the attendance database and enter the clock-in-out list. You can search for the original record by checking for the year.

Also, after canceling the general company name, you need to add the highest department. Even though you cannot cancel the highest department, you can still modify it in the attendance rule.

5. After assigning a shift, why don’t the account results and statistics show those who have left, arrived early or left early?

To set up the shift, enter management. Under normal circumstances, you will see the shift name and the corresponding time of day appears to the right in blue color. In that case, you can enter the employee shift list to view the shift commencement date. Check if it is different from the statistics and account time range. If it is not, you need to re-assign the shift by choosing a new starting date.

6. How can I cancel the already set schedules?

ZKTeco Biometric System TechStudio

First, it is important to start by adding an empty schedule. Replace the existing schedule with an empty one to cancel the old schedule from the employee assignment. In schedule management, cancel the older schedule.

7. Why is the data appearing in the record seem to be less than the download data?

It is possible to replace the stored record by downloading a new one. Thus, you will get a record with more data even as you get rid of the one with fewer data.

8. The downloaded record appears but I cannot find it. Why?

You need to confirm that the time range in which you are inquiring is according to that of the downloaded record. You can sort attendance records by day, month, and year. You can also open att2000.mdb (the database), go to check-in/check-out. In the list of records, look for the original records by confirming the attendance time of the original record. Pay special attention to the records of that year. It is possible not to get the correct attendance time due to the fact that the set time isn’t correct.

9. Why is the data showing I was absent or left early when it was actually at work?

First, check that the period time setting is correct. Then confirm that the record you are referring to appears in the clock-out time range you are interested in. for instance, the set clock-out time could be 1700hrs to 1800rs. If you clock out at 1630hrs, the record will be invalidated. The system will show a “neglected” afternoon. One of the attendance rules labels no clock-out as neglect. Lastly, check the correctness of your attendance time.

10. Why do the statistics shift and attendance account show that I came late and went early without showing any records?

Open your attendance account and go to settings. In the attendance rule which reads “on duty clock-in record: come late/gone early” check if it has been signed out. It is likely to be sowing that you came late and went early.

11. The company leaders do not need to clock-in or out but the system demands that they do so. How do you set up the system?

Open attendance settings. In employee maintenance, invalidate the requirement for attendance for the particular employees.

Set up a time period when it is unnecessary to clock-in or clock-out then produce a schedule you will use to account for that particular employee.

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