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Benefits of Security Cameras (CCTV) in Kenya

Benefits of Security Cameras (CCTV) in Kenya

Security is a major concern for any individual, government, company, or institution. We could all agree that prevention is always better than cure and being alert to avoid the dangers of being attacked is paramount in our daily activities. Additionally, we may want to have records and footage to review where crime has occurred in order to apprehend the suspects. 

You see, various means have been used to curb and prevent crime, including security personnel, electric fences, and even use of security dogs. The challenge with all these is one- you may not have an accurate way of verifying the identity of the burglars where they are nit apprehended on that instance. The only way to have a record and deter potential attacks. We will tell you about the benefits of having security cameras in Kenya and even recommend how to effectively use them for your protection.

Security cameras are closed-circuit TV systems that use cameras in monitoring the inside and outside surrounding and transmit the same image to a central monitor. Modern security cameras have the ability to relay the footage in real-time to your mobile devices.

Now let’s Look at the Benefits of Security Cameras

Security Cameras Techstudio

1. Decrease crime levels

Let’s face it- security cameras serve one major purpose be it in our homes, office or even on the streets; protect against crime and threats to our lives and property. The assurance that we always have when we know that a third eye is observing and recording all that is happening around you. Additionally, when a potential burglar knows that a premise has cameras, they tend to be intimidated and are deterred from their acts. Security cameras will, therefore, reduce crime levels and keep you safe from mischievous persons.

2. Monitor Activities in our surrounding

Place a camera anywhere there is a power source around it, and you have a record of what transpires when you are not there. These cameras don’t have to be placed where everyone is watching- you could mount them and secretly monitor what happens when you are not in the vicinity. In instances where you want to assert whether your workers are punctual or are productive during your absence, throwing one or two cameras will work miracles for you. Additionally, you could follow all that is happening from a distance or come and review later when you have time. This is all possible thanks to the presence of security cameras.

3. Preservation of Evidence

Criminals can be easily apprehended when footage from security cameras is reviewed. All you need is a playback of the day’s happenings and boom- you have your culprit! Additionally, where the accused is taken to court, the footage from the crime scene could be replayed to either confirm or exonerate an accused person. Courts will, therefore, find the recording important and will arrive at a fair decision with more accuracy with the help of security cameras.

4. Maintaining records

Something may have happened a few days ago in your office, front yard or even in the house. Your curiosity leads you to want to investigate what transpired in your absence. With only a few clicks on the system, you will have a recount of past activities and make a record of the subject, time and date of a past event. Security cameras will not only record for you the happenings but also keep a copy for you to review later.

5. Protection from Inappropriate Behavior

Your employees may be facing threats, sexual harassment, or even their stuff being stolen. Or think of times that you leave your baby with the nanny and you are suspecting that something is happening behind your back. Having a security camera will not only keep the culprits on the check but also prove claims made by fellow employees. Installing these little eyes will ensure proper behavior in your house and workplace. 

6. Emergency Interventions

Security Cameras Techstudio

Think of situations like a school setting or a public place-and a fire starts. It can be a disaster, especially where there is a big complex and rescuers want to access the building. Or in cases of hijackers or terrorists causing mayhem in public places. We could agree that having security cameras monitor the situation will goal a long way in solving some of these disasters and reduce and avoid the number of casualties.

7. Reduced Security Costs

Securing yourself using security cameras cuts the expenses by a great deal. Think of a security guard, who are quite expensive and need to be paid a monthly salary and other benefits for employees. However, security cameras mean that you only get to spend once and incur minimum maintenance costs over a very long time. Additionally, the time you spend giving out instructions to a guard could be used out there doing more constructive work.

8. Cutting down Insurance Costs

Having employees or other persons at your place of work means that most risks encountered solely rest on you. People may get injured and bring claims against you for compensation which may be expensive. Some of these claims may be vexatious, and scam but to assert the authenticity, a review of the security video will confirm the claims. Additionally, insurance firms will charge lower premiums for places that have been installed with security cameras. This is because they are also able to verify which claims are valid and those that are not by reviewing the footage.

9. Guaranteed Peace of Mind

You may be late going home, and you’re not sure what will meet you when you enter in the dead of the night. Or even be having a sense of insecurity and doubt when you are in the house. But we can assure you that there is a general feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind when you know that you can access all that is happening around you from a central monitor or even at the palm of your hand where the system is connected to mobile devices. 


Protecting yourself, loved ones, and the property has been made easy by security cameras. The cameras come in different sizes, shapes and feature all made to suit your expectations. They are also available for different budgets and spaces, be it a large mall or just a small camera to monitor a single room in your house.

Getting a security camera works to give you a sense of security and guarantee that may not be guaranteed by having a home guard or security personnel who may interfere with your privacy.

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