Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions
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Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions

Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions

Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions,We have the best Panasonic PBX IP VIOP phone solutions Kenya Nairobi.

Call us today and buy quality Panasonic PBX Systems Kenya at the most affordable price.

There has been tremendous improvement in communication infrastructure with progress in technology.

VOIP technology has been used to empower enterprises in Kenya to enhance their communication goals in a greater way. In the changing environment, it is worth upgrading the existing telephone systems to VOIP based telephone systems.

With the IP based systems Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions, your business can gain benefits such as the improved connectivity, reduced telephone charges, more business options, expanding the customer base, great customer satisfaction and increased productivity and profitability.

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Given the advantages, companies should accept advanced solutions with the leading IP telephony providers in Nairobi Kenya.

In the fast changing business environment in Kenya, it would be a great option to boost communication infrastructure with Panasonic PBX systems Kenya.

We are the leading when it comes to telephony technical skills in Kenya. our exceptionally trained technicians are to bringing solutions that has power to change the fortune of your business.

With state of the art features, Panasonic systems Kenya is certainly the best option to connect customers and improve productivity.

Designing solutions to your future communication needs with Panasonic Systems Nairobi, Kenya.

With years of experience in the domain of Panasonic IP telephony, we know what kind of solutions are best for your enterprise.

From system planning to designing and installation, the solutions we provide to the customers are astounding.

Implementation of Panasonic systems need high expertise. endowed with skilled and talented professionals, our Panasonic solutions will turn the fortune of your business in Kenya. These systems can be designed as per your communication requirements.

We will leverage our skills to provide quality communication solutions to industries including hospitality, hotels, finance and educational institutions, government organizations and other industries.

Precise configuration in line with your needs make the solution more flexible. With the Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions Nairobi, it is certain that the solutions come with the power to boost communication solution.

Solutions with varied kind of Panasonic Systems for enterprises.

The category of Panasonic IP PBX systems comprises of IP PBX systems, smart hybrid PBX systems, compact hybrid IP PBX systems, hybrid PBX systems and analog PBX systems.

Panasonic IP-PBX systems:  KX-NSX series Panasonic VOIP IP and Analogue Voice Solutions are widely known as the next generation communication systems to meet today’s business environment.

It consists of the model KX-NSX2000 / KX-NSX1000.

It offers many benefits to the user as follows

  • Flexible and convenient office work
  • Scalability
  • Centralized management
  • Greater reliability
  • Serviceability
  • Mobile phone integration – Mobility
  • Built-in call center
  • Support UC Pro
  • Video communication

Call us today and buy the latest KX-TDA 200 PABX that will greatly improve all your communication capabilities.

  • It has the following functionalities
  • Up to 128 Lines and/or 128 Extensions
    10 Universal Slots
    192 Ports
    128 Portable Handsets
    VoIP Telephones
    VoIP Gateway
    Multi-Site Networking
    CTI / LAN / WAN Connectivity
    7600 Series Telephones
    ll Centre Functionality
    USB terminal for easy plug-n-play functionality
    eXtra Device Port (XDP) and Digital XDP1
    Wireless / Multi-Cell Telephones
    Easy to Upgrade System
    Caller ID2 of up to 20 Characters
    Large easy-to-read 6-line backlit display
    Time-Saving, Easy-to-Use Navigator Keys
    Programmable Keys with Red/Green LED
    Full-duplex Speakerphone
    (excluding: KX-T7665)
    Multi-language Capability

We also have the most used KX-TDA 600 PABX that will greatly improve your organizational communicational needs.

  • Max CO Lines: 640
    Max Analog COs: 640
    Max VoIP (H.323) trunks: 32
    Max Total Extensions: 960 (1120 using DXDP)
    Max Analog Proprietary Extensions: 320
    Max Single Line Telephones: 960
    Max Digital Proprietary extensions: 512 (640 with T7600, DT300 series)
    Max IP Proprietary Phone extensions: 640
    Multi-Cell Wireless Compatibility
    Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas): Up to 128
    Maximum Portable Handsets: 256 ( 512 with memory expansion card)
    Maximum Doorphones: 64
    Centralized Voicemail: with KX-TVA Voice Mail Systems
    Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles: 64
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 16.3 x 16.9 x 10.6 (per shelf]
    Easy to Upgrade System
    Multi-language Capability

With the KX-TDE 100 PABX telephony solution you will have your communication capability very enhanced.

  • Total Number of Trunks :128
    Trunk (Physical Trunk Card):120
    Trunk (Virtual Trunk Card):32
    Total Number of Extension:256
    Extension (Physical Extension Card):160
    Extension (Virtual Extension Card):128
    IP-PT and IP Softphone:64
    SIP Extension:128
    KX-T7600 series DPT:128
    KX-T7560/KX-T7565 DPT:96
    Other DPT:32
    IP-PT*1 (Supported by IP-EXT16 Card):96
    IP-PT*2 (Supported by IPCMPR Card):64

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