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Choosing IP PBX Systems

Choosing IP PBX Systems

Choosing IP PBX Systems,One of the most affordable and functional telecommunication solutions for any business is the IP PBX system.

It comes with innovative features and functions which will greatly improve your business operations. But not all IP PBX systems are made the same.

There are a number of distinguishing factors you must look at before settling on a particular system. We discuss these factors, below:

The Adaptability of the System

Any system you pick for your business communication needs should be flexible. It should have the ability to accommodate future business growth.

As such, when the business grows, it should be easy to expand your system according to the changing requirements. If it comes with extra features, the better.

Extra Extensions

Perhaps you bought the system to work on a small scale. Check that it is flexible enough to be used even on a larger scale.

Most of the systems on the market provide for extra extensions depending on the needs of the organization. So don’t just go for a basic system.

Pick one that has extra extensions even if it costs more. In the future, when your needs increase, you will avoid replacing the old system. Instead, you will simply utilize the extra extensions without interrupting business operations.

Call-Forwarding Option

Every IP PBX system worth talking about should allow for call forwarding. With this function, office workers will be able to directly forward calls from any line in the office to a selected telephone number.

This could be a number in the office or a home number of one of the executives. With the call forwarding function, an IP PBX system makes it easier to communicate to a pre-arranged list of telephone numbers. You can reach someone even when they are out of the office.

Ability to Block or Screen Calls

A must-have function for any IP PBX system is the ability to screen or even block calls. You can redirect some calls to the toll-free number for the business and concentrate only on those that are very important.

An example of calls you can avoid includes those concerned with telemarketing. It is possible to block selected numbers by diverting calls straightaway to voicemail. Alternatively, you could block the calls from coming through in the first instance. When operators of those numbers try to call, all they will find is a “busy” signal.

Does It Include a Name Directory?

Of course, the people in your office will from time to time make calls on using the phones on the IP PBX system. If the system has a directory, they will find a list of names from which they can pick their targeted numbers.

In some systems, the names will be read out aloud by a voice. The caller can then pick the correct name and place the call.

A Wide Variety of Services

An IP PBX system is not just for making and receiving calls. It should enable you to use fax and internet services. You will see these functions listed in the features of the system.

In addition to making and receiving calls, your business needs these other functions. So don’t neglect it.

Does It Have Voicemail Capabilities?

Check if the IP PBX phone system has voicemail capabilities. That’s in addition to making phone calls, text messages, and e-mail.

For the voicemail function to work properly, you will need a system with storage space that’s big enough to record all the missed calls.

Voicemail comes with a number of benefits including the ability to maintain connections even when callers cannot find you directly on the line. What more could you ask for?

Properly Functioning Hardware

IP PBX systems are characteristically composed of both the hardware and software. It requires a computer system, telephone line, and internet connection.

These aspects of the system will be handled by the service provider. That’s because the infrastructure is hosted in their offices. This is something the business doesn’t have to grapple with. In fact, the business doesn’t have to install any major equipment on its premises. Everything is handled by the service provider.

Ability to Solve Your Communication Needs

Most IP PBX systems come with great specifications to create a great customer experience. One of the standout features is the auto-attendant which handle all incoming calls professionally.

They address callers with expert greetings and direct calls to the right extensions. Nothing beats this interactive voice messages since they remove the need for telephone operators.

It has a menu that allows dialling by name, addition, zero workers, to live worker. As such, callers can reach the exact extensions they are looking for without much of a holdup.

Managing Business Calls from Anywhere

With an IP PBX system, you don’t have to be in the office to handle your calls. It automatically diverts calls to mobile numbers as well as landlines.

Some of the standout call management features include fax to mail, voice mail, caller ID, call conferencing, and personal voice mailboxes. All calls are charged the same, whether they are local or international. Is also allows for additional extensions without extra cost.

With these points in mind, it should be easier for you to select a good IP PBX system.

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