Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling solution Benefits

Structured Cabling solution Benefits

Structured Cabling solution Benefits,The performance of an organizations cabling system or even network is founded on the type of infrastructure that has been put in place.

One of the best set-ups includes the structured cabling system whose benefits echo right across simple to multifaceted businesses.

The formal cabling system binds all the latest communication devices within a workplace into one system which provides a reliable and nifty solution to an array of communication necessities.

Even though the benefits of this system will vary across businesses, you can always be sure that for most companies, this is the line between a weak communication system and a cost-effective and most reliable network infrastructure.

1. Supports Future Upgrade

Often companies are required to upgrade their systems to conform to the ever changing technology. Companies with weak cabling structures suffer a great deal whenever upgrades have to be done as the whole system has to be brought down to replace it.

With a structured cable network, it becomes straightforward to make changes and additions whenever necessary.

2. Simplicity

Structured cabling systems in Kenya come with a high level of simplicity as well as straightforwardness during operations.

In today’s workplace, you will find multiple devices and IT equipment, which are all running at the same time. Being able to merge all these devices and hardware into one system eliminates the instances of complex cabling infrastructure in the office.

This means that whenever a challenge occurs with any of the tools, it, therefore, becomes elementary to identify the issue with a structured cabling system and hence minimized costs and time efficiency

3. Flexibility

For the structured cabling be done, a lot takes place including site visits to get the general idea of the area, drafting out the original concepts of how the wiring will take place and then coming up with solutions to likely challenges that might take place.

This means that by the time the structured cabling is taking place, the experts already have all the ideas and concepts in mind.

Example, the number of points that require data and voice and also active devices. All this information helps reduce the installation time by a very significant margin while at the same time allowing for changes and upgrades.

All these enhanced changes contribute to a high level of performance as well as driving business growth within the company

4. Improves Airflow

Structured cabling allows for excellent air circulation inside the containment cabinets as well as the ducts and conduits.

This seamless airflow is enhanced by the absence of clutter, which hinders the smooth flow of air. When you have excellent airflow within the cabling network, then you do not need complex conditioning systems (HVAC) which at the end of the day increase the cost of operation.

Though these air conditioners will be required in the server rooms and datacentres, they will be in minimal quantities contrary to what would have been the case were you not using the structured cabling system.

5. Its Cost Friendly

Structure cabling, as the name suggests, is structured. This means it follows a specific protocol and process during installation.

As mentioned earlier, before structured cabling is put in place, there is the design phase involved in visualizing the concept of the network structure.

This means that any challenges at this point can be easily identified and dealt with. These challenges include inflated maintenance costs brought by high consumption of power during cooling, power consumption and also cost of the process of installation.

Since with structured cabling you can be able to tell what devices will be required for efficient and successful installation, like the patch panels and network cabinets, it becomes easy to deal with such challenges and minimize costs.

Structured cabling needs little to know to cool since it is very organized and hence allows for proper aeration. Power costs are therefore minimized

6. More Organized

If you like neat environments and are worried about bulk messes all over the place, with structured cabling, you can wave bye to your worries.

Structured cabling is very organized hence consumes less space and prevents clutter from unwanted areas. Professionals involved in structured cabling will tell you that, during the installation of these network cables, the process has to conform to the most competent topology and technology.

The design which guides the installation of the structured cabling keeps into account cable containment which are inclusive of the ducts, PVC trunks, conduits and also trays. All these not only organize the cables but also keep them safe from damage hence prolonging the lifespan.

7. The longevity of the Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure’s lifespan depends on the structured cabling system.

The wires used in Structured cabling are not come in a wide array with some being copper cables, fiber optic cables and others which play a vital role in wiring PABX systems.

The fiber optic cables are some of the most reliable cables for fast transmission of data and offer a secure network infrastructure.

So, functional structured cable networks appropriately installed by professionals will generally outlast the information technology users, which counts as a plus for the company.

8. Reduced downtime

Where there exist multiple and unorganized cabling structures, you can always expect a high risk of human error and mistakes here and there.

These mistakes lead to disruption of work as well as downtime with the Structured Cabling solution Benefits . When you have a structured cabling system, you can expect easier troubleshooting of the system whereby problems are identified quickly and instantly fixed for continued work progress.

Now its time to rip off all those chaotic cabling systems in your office and embrace a simplistic, straightforward and cost-effective way of connecting your team within your workplace.

Do not be left behind as others continue to adopt a new way of doing things. Why do less with so much more when you can do more with so much less? Its time to welcome the fastest, most reliable structured cabling system in Kenya and change the dynamics of your business.

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