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POS Cash Register System

POS Cash Register System

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POS Cash Register System,Point of Sale Hardware

It is important for retailers and business owners interested in setting up a POS system to understand the different parts of a Point of Sale Solution.

POS systems hardware can be purchased and set up differently bundled, with or without software. Just like office computer systems and PC peripherals, you can buy the various POS components separately and assemble them. The prices usually vary depending on the technology and the brand

The following is a guide to understanding point of sale hardware is sponsored by top POS Dealers and resellers in Nairobi Kenya; Hubtech Ltd POS Systems and Hardware  Vendors

Point of Sale Computer

POS Wokstation CPU with non touch monitor

POS Workstation CPU with non-touch monitor

The main component in establishing a point of sale system is a good Computer, the software is installed on the computer, and the computer is required to have a standard operating system. I.e. Window 7, 10, Vista. Always ask the Point of sale vendor for the most compatible operating system.

Two main CPU options for a point of sale system

  • All in one point of sale CPU, With a touch screen option, Easy to use  compact occupies less space,  gives your point of sale desk better look
  • Desktop work station that has to be connected to  a normal monitor or touch screen monitor and other peripherals

POS Monitors

There are many choices when it comes to the point of sale monitor, depending on the budget you can get a flat screen LCD Display monitor from as low as Kenya shillings – 3,000. The important thing to put into consideration is the amount of space occupied by the monitor.

POS Touch Screen use in Kenya – are popular in restaurants, clubs and busy hospitality business environments. Depending on the business models, can allow customers users to interact with a touch monitor or computer. Touch screens monitors are, easier and faster to use than traditional keyboards and monitors. Can be placed on walls and be networked to one PC through N- Computing technology.

All in one Touch screen POS and Touch screen monitors also save counter, they also replace the keyboard and mouse

Normal Desktop Computer for POS Terminal

Normal Desktop Computer for POS Terminal

Touch screen point of sale monitor

Touch screen point of sale monitor

It is good practice to use your POS computer for only sales transactions, reports, and inventory control.  These enabled you to be protected from data losses tempering with data and software due to Using the Point of sale for Internet activities

Point of Sale Cash Drawers

Pos point of sale cash drawers

Pos point of sale cash drawers

Cash Drawer EPOS (ECH 410)

Hubtech Cash Drawer EPOS (ECH 410)

Cash registers are an essential component in the point of sale system. They provide a storage unit for your Money, transactional credit card, customer sales receipts copies where needed.

They are usually programmed and connected with the computer. Once the sale transaction is keyed in, the cash register gets the signal from the receipt printer and opens up.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a point of the sale cash register is the compatibility with the Receipt printer or POS CPU./ the rest of the system. Ensure that you choose a cash register that can withstand constant opening and closing

Cash drawers should be sturdy and withstand the constant opening and closing.

POS Customer Pole Display

VFD 8000 pos machine customer pole display

Hubtech VFD 8000 pos machine customer pole display

It is an optimal part of a point of sale system. It displays total transactions. It can be sued to also display advertising and customized marketing information

Keyboard and Mouse

keybaord with MSR

Keyboard with MSR

Point of sale systems without a touchscreen use the keyboard as the main primary data entry interface.  You can choose a standard keyboard sophisticated industry POS keyboards that have integrated MSR Card readers.

The sophisticated keyboards can have a programmable keys these are essential for Point of sale set up that only programmable keyboards can provide.

When choosing a keyboard, one should consider size, programmable key, and magnetic stripe reader functionality.

Barcode Scanners/Readers 

Barcode scanners vary in sizes depending on your applications. The most common in supermarkets and busy mini markets are desktop mount scanners. For small retail stores, the hand-held scanner is commonly used.

The barcode scanner reads a series of number of lines printed on the products, (the barcode), decodes the information before sending it to a computer. Barcode scanners are accurate and time-saving devices when selling multiple products. They are also valuable when taking stock inventory.

MSR Cards and Signature Capture Devices

Msr Credit Card Readers

Msr Credit Card Readers

Adding more payment options such as M-Pesa payments, Card payment your store can increase shopping from clients.

MSR Cards can enable you process payments, help you run customer loyalty programs. Sometimes Keyboards and all in one point sale CPU Can include credit card readers and signature capture device.

Thermal  Receipt Printer

The receipt printer provides the option to print a record of the sale transaction for the customer, and possibly the store. Most common printers that are being phased out are   Serial dot-matrix printers.

They are generally cheaper to purchase but expensive to maintain.  Serial dot-matrix printers use pins and ink ribbons which add to the cost with time.

Thermal receipt printers are the most common, they are cost-effective over the lifespan of the printer, they use thermal heads and thermal receipt printers, and they are fast and quieter.

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