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Why switch to point of sale system

Why switch to point of sale system

Why switch to point of sale system, What Small Businesses in Kenya  Need to Know  as you invest on a  POS Systems


This informative is will help SMBs and retailers in Kenya understand retail trends and explain how POS technologies can help businesses

Here is what this article covers

  • What is a point of sale system, definition, Software and hardware components?
  • Reasons for using a point of sale


A Point of Sale System –most referred to – POS System is an automatized sales solutions that consist a software and hardware parts.

In a nutshell, the POS software runs the computations and AUTOMATED sales transactions. Using the hardware, the cashier keys in the sales details,  the sales are tallied by software then once sale is complete,  a receipt is printed   and the sales transactions is stored ( Data Stored includes, Time of sale, Person did the transaction, Items sold, profit made, etc… ) these  information can be cumulated to provide useful insights  on performance of your business

Point of sale software can be seen as an advanced cash register that can let you have advanced options to help you streamline the way you run your shop/ Business;   track your inventory, automatically create order lists and know all there is to know about your customers.

More sophisticated Point of sale systems will offer little extra information, generate sales and profit analysis, generate reports and much more. With all this information, you will be able to identify your less successful sales staff, so you can provide training to those who need it most, so everyone can be at the same level, knowledge-wise.

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Here are top 10 fundamental advantages of having   a Point-of-Sale System:

Organized and accurate Sales History reports: with a modern day POS system,  Store owners and managers can easily look up past transactions, These can provide very valuable insights on performing and nonperforming stock. How products flow is during the day per week, what products perform on creation time and much more. Which will make business owners and store managers make better-informed decisions on running offers, re-stocking and much more

Inventory Management:  for large stores like super markets, mini-supermarkets, hotels, bars, restaurants, and pharmacy stores Inventory management can be time-consuming and costly

Inventory management can be a nightmare for store running products that have variable sizes, colors, flavors, volumes, and other variations. That is where the point of sale step in and help you track everything with just a few clicks. Thanks to an accurate sales and purchase orders control, you can tell what needs restocking and how much you have in stock of every single product.

Point of sale systems allows you to categorize the products by their names, Manufactures or brand, suppliers, supplier Name, SKU, color and much more. You can further perform inventory counts or coordinate online store collections to help you organize the catalog and adjust your inventory.

Access to Sales reports and performance in Real-Time:  Computers, where the point of sale system is stored, can be added to a network and linked to an office server or a cloud server, With just simple connectivity to the internet,  one can access the sales panel  even when you are not in the store and monitor what is going on .

Sample of softwares that have visual aids in repotings sales

You can have instantaneous real time on overall sales within intervals times overall sales for the day, profit after markup, sales per each terminal or each employee, and many specific aspects or interest points. POS systems can be customized those reports allowing you to see exactly what you need, from wherever you are, even when you are in the comfort of your home.

Point of Sale systems can help you Save Time and Money:  Computers, cash registers are faster than humans, they do not make computational errors like humans do and keep accurate records that records made on paper by humans. Just about everything is fast and accurate from reading the products  barcodes, performing  credit card transactions will save you time, thus making  your sales process faster  and customers happier

Integrated accounting and Sales Tax, A good POS Systems will help you – with almost everything and streamline almost the entire work. Modern Point of sale software will have, including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, among other features, sales Tax and Much more.

Financial Control and Management with ERP Systems Connectivity:

Point of sale can be connected to a back office server, these can enable large organizations to have control over sales. A good ERP Systems can be integrated with the Existing POS.

You can plug in your ERP system and manage everything:  From sales, product catalog and inventory, sales orders, accounts payable and receivable, etc.

More data and information about your business, customer, products, employees and sales performance.   The customer gets a receipt with the person who sold him/ her, the exact time of the sale etc… The cashier and management will know what is sold by who at what time……

Point of sale systems have lots of advantages, businesses owners and managers can take advantage of such systems to enable them to track sales, and improve business flow process. Point of sale systems is money and time saver.  POS Systems are powerful too, they can help you grow your business, no matter how small or local it is.

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