Kenya Voice and Data Wiring Structured Cabling Network Cabling
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Kenya Voice and Data Wiring, Structured Cabling, Network Cabling

Kenya Voice and Data Wiring Structured Cabling Network Cabling

Kenya Voice and Data Wiring Structured Cabling Network Cablingfiber optic Cabling Solutions in Kenya

Structured Cabling solutions for Effective, Dependable  ICT Infrastructure

In today’s businesses environments, Businesses need to be in constant communication with just about anyone; from clients, suppliers, dealers, internal office communication, inter-office branch communication and just about anyone that is relevant to business chain process.

Businesses depend on other infrastructures to be able to run, Infrastructure such as office phone systems, physical building security such as CCTV, Alarms, Networking and Office Networks, Fiber Communications and Networking and much more

Businesses run effectively and efficiently when infrastructure that supports your businesses process is inconsistent efficient working order. Most of the ICT and electronics technology that supports the businesses depend on cabling. Structured Cabling is a basic and crucial component for companies that demand efficiency and effectiveness in running ICT Networked Electronics.

For example,  in offices where computers need to be networked, and, the supporting infrastructure is composed of Ethernet LAN Cables,  Switches, Server and Data Cabinets, For the network to work and be managed effectively. Structured cabling is a must; organizing the cabling that computers, network devices and phones to each other are key to enhancing overall reliability and efficiency.

The significance of structured Cabling in Businesses ICT Infrastructure.

.Most industry practices recommend that cables and wires are generally hidden behind walls. However, structured cabling solutions provide much-needed benefits to modern day offices and data centers. Without adhering to structured cabling standards, most of the cabling systems are put at risk, especially during maintenance, Migration

Types of structured cabling solutions

Structured Cabling solutions for business discussed by Anthony Mwangi, A pre-sales and structured cabling project manager at Hubtech Limited. Hubtech is a leading ICT Solutions provider in Nairobi Kenya.

List of business infrastructure cabling solutions for business in Kenya

  • Secure analog and IP CCTV cabling for indoor and outdoor CCTV Installations   tamper-free and highly, Outdoor underground cable laying, Indoor Trunking and much more
  • Voice and business communication cabling. Office Phones need thoughtful secure design, Good cabling, and trunking that is cleanly done. Good IP Voice Cabling takes into consideration the possibility of future scalability, cost, and stability.
  • Reliable and stable Data & network cabling services and Server set up
  • Future proof Indoor and Outdoor Fiber optic cabling design, and installations
  • Wireless networks set -up and cabling for combined wireless  and wired communication systems

Benefits of structured cabling in your business

According to Hubtech Limited, Structured Cabling best-practices involve following the established industry guidelines. The practices will help standardize any type cabling structure and facilitate interoperability, moving/migration, additions, and system dependability.

  • Efficiency: When making moves or expanding telecom, data, LAN, Fiber infrastructure, Identifying and sorting poorly organized cables becomes a painful, time-consuming process. Structured cabling ensures that companies don’t messy tangles.  Also, when you keep your wiring and cabling organized. You will have lower downtimes and less room for human error.
  • Redundancy: A well-structured LAN, Voice, Alarm, CCTV  infrastructure will results in redundant operations within the cabling. Generally, systems will become more dependable and accessible during maintenance.   While  compromised cables  are  having repairs, the easily implemented redundant wiring can keep communications going
  • Future usability: With structured cabling, you can have a forward-adaptable. Effective Structured cabling solutions can enable you can add new users, cables, Network devices with minimal risk to the infrastructure. This is why structured cabling a good investment if you think your system, Data Center may need an upgrade
  • Flexibility: Structured cabling can ensure that you have flexible systems. When doing repairs within the office, Moving Equipment, additions, and changes to the infrastructure. In a well-structured cabling design, you can do these quickly without disorganizing wires or ill-organized cables getting in the way.  You will have a reduced odds of human error during repairs and changes.

Services Included when choosing Hubtech Structured Cabling Solutions –

Kenya Voice and Data Wiring Structured Cabling Network Cabling

Kenya Voice and Data Wiring Structured Cabling Network Cabling

Cabling Site Surveys – Accurate site surveys help you determine the feasibility of an installation, budgetary constraints, and whether specialty tools or supplies are required. Eliminating Errors and saving time

Network Wiring Testing – Cabling infrastructure is the foundation for every network. Our services include testing and certification of new or existing copper or fiber networks.

Structured Cabling Installation – We have an in house team that services can plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade any size network.

Wi-Fi Network Installation – We offer full-service wireless network implementation across the East Africa Region.  We can design, plan, and install your network from start to finish. Each wireless solution is custom designed to meet the challenges and needs of your location.

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