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IP PBX Business Phone solutions.

IP PBX Business Phone solutions.

IP PBX Business Phone solutions,PBX, IP PBX systems and Solutions for office voice and telephony solutions

IP Pabx systems allow calls to be channeled through internet data networks, commonly known as   Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Before the internet, all phone calls went through the phone company’s network, which required analog phones on each end.

VoIP works in the following sequence:

  1. Analog telephone signals are converted to digital signals.
  2. The digital signals are converted into Internet Protocol (IP) packets.
  3. The IP digital packets are converted back to analog telephone signals and received by telephone on the other end.

The main advantage of VoIP is that it can combine voice and data on the same network and infrastructure. It gives the user access to the internet, analog phone calls, and VoIP phone calls all through the same line.

Why you should choose a VoIP solution for your multi-location office

VoIP will add new possibilities in your business communications. With VoIP, you are not restricted to use IP PBX equipment and phones.  VoIP systems allow communication between computers, mobile phones, and IP phones. You do not need to have expensive hardware set up or maintenance VoIP is a cloud-based system hosted by a provider. Check Resources below

VoIP functions as an application that offers multiple channels of communication. Users could video chat, share data, instant message, and more. It also allows you to access from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

Choosing between PBX, IP PBX, and VoIP systems

What does this mean for you?
Are you looking to set up a new phone system, or are you upgrading your current installations and set up. It is important to have the right facts and options to get free advice and ideas from top VoIP Experts in Kenya.

Utilize this website to research your options an idea of which system is best for your company. Here are some tips to help you evaluate your phone communication options.

What is your current phone systems setup?
If you are already using a PBX or IP PBX system and hardware set up. Find more affordable options like choosing another. Setting up new equipment will be costly hence it may be worth using if functions well. Want to set up a new IP PBX Option. Consider getting advice from an expert. May be what your current analog set up can be upgraded to use the existing Infrastructure. Your existing hardware can be integrated with a VoIP solution.


Need a new office phone system for your business?

If you don’t have a system, you have an option of setting up analog PBX, It is simple and enables you to make free calls within your office network. However, it lacks a lot of features compared to a VoIP or IP PBX system. IP PBX and VoIP is your best option. Should you have the funds to purchase the IP equipment and software and want to host your own system, consider an IP PBX system? If you want to avoid purchasing new equipment and you can afford monthly payments, look into a VoIP system.

Do you have reliable internet access?
Both the IP PBX and VoIP rely on the internet access. You’ll be able to use your system through gateways to your phone line, though an internet connection would probably be an asset.

Does your professional activity require a lot of travel?
If you and your employees are often out of the office, traveling among customers and worksites, you will probably want a VoIP system. This system will allow you to receive calls on your computers and cell phones instead of office extensions. Even if you are moving around town, your customers will be able to reach you when they need you

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